Compassion and Happiness

I use to have a hard time having compassion for others while I am suffering myself. This was unknowingly selfish of me, because others have great compassion for me by listening to me while I am still throwing myself a pity party. I’m not saying don’t complain, because struggling day to day silently is also not healthy. It’s healthy and okay to reach out and talk to others about your struggles. Compassion can lead you to happiness. Whether it be in relationships with your friends or family, into your work or environment etc. By including this into your daily life you can change your mindset by changing your behaviors. Being a nurse I naturally have compassion for others, but meaning it is different. It takes time to mean it, but it’s necessary to help you heal from your own pain.

If you have chronic pain, anxiety and/or depression, you wouldn’t wish it upon anyone…I hope 😉. No one chooses unhappiness over happiness. Suffering with these ailments makes life suck or seem not worthwhile some days. Becoming compassionate for others helps you become more present and appreciative of your surroundings outside your pain. You learn empathy and are able to connect with others and stop focusing all on your struggles.

Pain, anxiety and depression all hit similar transmitters and parts of our brain. Our gut helps impact all of these three as well. It’s hard to work towards rewiring our brain and healing our gut until your able to get your mind into a more positive mindset.

By showing compassion and being able to empathize with someone else’s struggles you are able to take a break from yours and stop feeling and wishing for your own struggles to end and wish for another’s happiness. You are triggering other parts of your mind and are tuning into being more aware. Mindset can impact our lives tremendously. It doesn’t get rid of our issues, but it does open our eyes making us more aware that we can control our body more than we think. We can help stop our thoughts from going down into that dark tunnel of sadness and self pity. When you express compassion or do something go for others for no reason…you feel good right? You trigger endorphins and you become full of happy fuzziness and are able to sit up straighter and think clearer. Now I’m not telling you to donate all your money to charity, but to simply do more kind gestures to others.

It’s hard to listen, to want to do things for others, to actually care for others while you are struggling. It’s hard to get the feeling of happiness and joy for others when you yourself are hurting. But with more practice your mindset will shift. Your compassion towards others will help lower your pain, anxiety and/or depression or maybe all three! It’s not a magic answer or quick fix. As I said earlier, no one chooses to be unhappy.

So choose to feel happiness and give compassion a try. You have nothing to lose by being kind to others. You’ll gain more connections with friends and strangers, you’ll learn more about your true self and you will see happiness on others faces which will in turn bring you joy.

Healing your pain is not always an easy fix, a quick pill or diet. It’s a journey and hard work physically and mentally. Nourish your body with good food and energy. Life is worth living, and it’s worth being able to enjoy a happy more present life ❣️ Namaste 🙏🏻