Food does not have to be “diet” to be healthy. Simply switching out your ingredients for higher quality ones can make your meals nutrient dense and healthier. This is also easier absorbed by your body. Eat Well, Be Well.

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All recipes are made with real ingredients to support your body while eating nutrient dense foods.

Nutritious “Swaps”

  • Conventional meats -> Grass Fed & Pasture Raised Animal Proteins (this includes; meats. eggs, bone broth, collagen and dairy products).
  • Processed sugar-> Natural sugar; raw honey, maple syrup and raw organic sugar.
  • Organic Fruits and Veggies off the EWG’s “Dirty Dozen List“.
  • Avoiding vegetable oils and swapping oils for; Coconut Oil, EVOO, Avocado Oil, Ghee, Grass Fed Tallow and Butter.

My 2023 Goal is a Cookbook!

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