Is there such thing as a waste of time?

This is something I’ve been debating lately. Having a “chronic illness” or figuring out what’s going on can be expensive medically. A lot of different specialists are consulted and time is spent during this process. Some doctors require you to see them weekly and/or need you to perform tests for an evaluation. Sadly, a lot of these specialists have great reviews and recommendations but don’t always accept insurance. It’s frustrating to spend so much money on hope and no guaranteed answers.

But one of these visits has to work and it will all be worth it, right? One of the books I’m reading says to imagine yourself with your wishes granted. Every time I picture myself pain-free and truly happy in true bliss, I cry. The joy of a pain-free life and the possibility that one of these doctors will be worth it makes the waste of time and even harder waste of money worth it.

It has to all be worth it. I have many years ahead of me to live happily as a wife and hopefully as a mother. We all deserve the chance of pure bliss. Keep fighting warriors 👍🏻


  1. I read a few of your posts and they were brilliant. The post you did about the doctor’s you have seen and I understand what I struggle that can be. I have lived with Multiple Sclerosis for 18 years and the pain has only increased during that time. Now days, I am always in extreme pain and doctors are not all that great anymore. Neurologists have the worse personalities and finding a good one is like finding a needle in a haystack. I am really looking forward to reading many more of your amazing posts. I do hope if you have time you will check out my site. I do the best I can to spread positivity to as many as I can, while keeping things honest and real!!

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    1. Thank you Alyssa! It’s hard to stay positive in pain but it’s important to stay optimistic. I’m not sure where you live but Jefferson in Philadelphia has a great MS program. I’m going there for a headache clinic I’ll keep you posted.

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      1. I agree with you 100%, it is so important to stay optimistic. I live in South Carolina and I have not found many places with a MS Program, but I am still looking. I look forward to reading how things go for you with MS Program in Philadelphia. I do hope it goes very well!!


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