I am recovering from a flare, my first in three years.

I may understand how my bio-individual bodyworks, but I also understand the indulgences of life. I know what my body needs way more than me one year ago, and even more so than three years ago.

I had one of those facebook memories show a photograph of me with antibiotics, steroids, NyQuil, cough syrup and all kinds of things that did more harm than good thar I used to frequently use.

I was (unknowingly) having chronic autoimmune flares constantly. I was visiting many specialists and having useless surgery after surgery and taking medication after medication.

This holiday season I was tempted by the sweets & alcohol and my lowered immune system fired back. You are not alone, it happens.

When we add the antibiotics, steroids, NyQuil, cough syrup, etc., we are depleting our bodies natural glutathione (our bodies powerful antioxidant) and minerals that our body needs too function at cellular.

This is a big cycle that many of us have lived or currently live in. The cycle being, getting sick then depleting our cells from antioxidants and minerals, This on top of the natural toll a virus takes on our body is exhausting and can allow disease to occur.

This process causes inflammation, uses our mineral stores and damaging our gut lining. We then eat a highly processed, poor diet that just is a match to the fire that ignites chronic issues to our cellularly depleted, leaky gut, inflammation play zone of a body.

In the summer, we are outside more, we are growing and buying fresh produce, and therefore we are naturally eating better and working out more by doing more outdoor play or labor. Unfortunately, winter comes with the holidays that are filled with overly processed foods, artificial dyes and sugar.

Even without me not using medications, I did for many many years, my damage was not permanently fixed. I started having random symptoms and lightbulb moment, my gut became leaky The inflammation came back full force. For those of you who do not know what chronic illness is like, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

The fatigue is crushing. Cooking breakfast is sometimes the most I can do, but I push through. My child doesn’t deserve processed food and junk because of my flare. If my gut is struggling, likely his is also! The germs came from somewhere 😉.

This doesn’t mean you have to push yourself to exhaustion even more, but this is when the frozen veggies, bone broth and crock pot comes in handy.

We got Covid and every other virus this year. You cannot live in a bubble, your body and children’s bodies need to know how to fire and function against germs (good and bad).

Kids commonly have forty colds in their first two years of life. This is when their immune systems are being built. Each one we recovered well (which is a the important part).

But a virus is a virus. It disrupts your gut lining and that can give the opportunity for autoimmune issues, skin issues, co-infections like Lyme and Epstein Barr arise.
A disrupted gut can look like:

  • Gastric upset: bloating, gas, floating stools, diarrhea or constipation. You should be having 2-3 stools that resemble a banana daily, if this is not your normal, you need my help.
  • Eczema, dry skin or acne
  • Poor behavior, increased anxiety and depression
  • Inflammation that can be shown as joint or visceral pain.

Sugar, Dairy, Eggs, Gluten… all the good stuff causes inflammation. This is why even the “quality stuff” can cause inflammation if you are not ready.

A flare brings up many hard memories of me on the couch. Except now, I am a mom. I will never say I am healed, but I know how to take care of my body and decrease the inflammatory when it happens.

Inflammation doesn’t come overnight. When this happens your body needs a “reset”. I do not support cleanses, but instead recommend a temporarily elimination diet.

Eliminating foods and restriction can be isolating. You must also replace and add in foods while healing.

Properly prepared grains, veggies and fruits are a must here. My last email about Winter lists examples.

So, breath. You are learning, you are growing and you are healing, right alongside me.

Everyone’s journey is different, healing looks different, and it doesn’t mean you won’t have bad days, but less.

“I am not perfect, you are not alone”

Kare Zink NTP

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