This is something I’m still working on, but I have came a long way and so can you. Since I can remember I was always trying to fit in. Never confident of my own choices, outfits, likes and dislikes. Instead of believing in yourself you begin to look for acceptance from others. This is natural, but it’s gotten to an unhealthy point in the world. Social media isn’t going away but our children need to learn to believe in theirselves. Of course there are morals of right and wrong, but being embarrassed of who you are is not a way to feel at any age.

I have always cared so much of what others thought. The music I liked, how I dressed, how I looked and so on. Instead of listening to the people’s thoughts who actually mattered who have always told me “it doesn’t matter what others think”. I have never really been confident, and have been self conscious most of my life.

I really cared what people thought about me and my pain. Afraid people thought i was attention seeking. But honestly, not hiding the pain and talking about how I am “actually” feeling has opened eyes to others but mainly myself. Life has become much easier since I have accepted my feelings and truths. I have accepted this is my body, these are the issues and things need altered. Notice how I did not say changed or fixed.

It can and did take a long journey of doctors and medications before this realization and acceptance came. Refusing to accept this being my normal and the pain. By accepting you are able to look deeper into your self for a root cause, as it may be a deeper and harder thing to fix than a quick pill.

I have accepted my love for health, Hollistic medicine and healing. By accepting it’s okay to believe in what you love with no judgement. I know my Hollistic and spiritual beliefs may not be believed by others, but I have accepted this fact and don’t care! I actually don’t care what others think. I respect their thoughts and I believe my journey has led me here, to a place of healing and progress.

Many spend all their money and time focusing on the “fix”. Some times things don’t need changed, some byproducts of our life and mind can simply spiral our body and sometime lives out of control. I spent thousands on medical doctors before finally seeking a naturopathic doctor, which in the long run would have been cheaper and on the road to my best self sooner.

Being unbalanced for so long can absolutely lead to health issues and diseases. Being balanced is not an easy task. Especially with all our processed foods and chemicals, it becomes easier and easier for people to fall out of balance. People are experiencing emotions and pain more and more these days. Which leads them to doctor to doctor, medication to medication. If this sounds like you and you are reading this looking for a quick fix (a supplement or diet) even though nothing is working, I challenge you to look deeper.

Look to see if you accept who you are and your thoughts and desires. If you are not ready to accept them then why? The answer is within you and you may not even know it.

I refused to have my rest of life in the amount of pain I am in, understandable. But the route of spending thousands and thousands of dollars, trying every herbal supplement and diet around wasn’t the answer. This just led to further frustration, anxiety and depression. It wasn’t until I believed in myself that I made some positive strides. Maybe it was a big combination of issues over the years that led me to where I am, but I feel all the chronic pain folks are always grasping at straws as I have. It’s not just one thing or one answer, it’s years of combined and ignored issues that built up and more sensitive over time.

If your know me, you probably know my love for Yoga, Ayurveda and chakra energy. All of these things are combined mainly with digestion and energy being are life forth. Allowing us to dictate and heal our bodies by nourishing our bodies with the food that is needed to keep us balanced and by opening the line of energy though the body. Energy and gut health is the basis to almost every other countries medical treatment but ours. People walk around with blocked energy for years before realizing they have the power to balance their own lives, naturally. With simple diet changes, meditations and mantras. Again this is not a quick fix. It’s amazing with ancient knowledge how this easy medicine is not used more. By realizing your “issues” you can find what is unbalanced and blocked. By establishing these connections, you are able to actually find answers. Not hypothesized ideas that this medication or procedure could help you. Actual proof of millions over the years and results. I’m not healed, but I’m on my journey of getting there. I hope my journey can help lessen the time it takes you to live your best life, as I can’t wait to truly live mine.

People are going to judge you. It’s sadly to egotistical world we live in. Not everyone is going to love what you do. But people also don’t like when people are trying to hard to fit in. Being genuine and honest is much more becoming to others and on your soul. The more you believe this, the easier you will be on yourself, and one day be carefree of what others think of you!


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