The vicious migraine cycle

Everyone’s migraines are different, their are so many different kinds of migraines, different pains and symptoms. I love reading the research and notice my cravings and odd behaviors before and after my attack are common. It’s even harder if you have chronic migraines and your are constantly cycling through the four stages of migraines. It’s difficult when you aren’t sure if it’s going away or coming back. It’s all apart of a learning curve while you figure out how to heal and help your body.

Here are the four stages of a Migraine. As migraine wasn’t complicated enough. It may be helpful to realize one is coming and if medications work for you, you may be able to prevent a full blown attack.

These stages of pain and discomfort that can play out for an entire week plays a toll on anyone’s emotions. Especially if they cycle over and over again like I’ve experienced. I know when I get into my migraine phase I feel all the emotions I hate feeling.

I begin feeling:

  • Envy: envious of others for not having to deal with this pain.
  • Guilty: I’m guilty that I am on the couch and not helping around the house, with family, or any other activity that I planned.
  • Anger: Angry that I am sick like this.
  • Depressed: Why is my life like this, why is nothing working.

It’s hard to pull yourself back from these emotions. It’s completely acceptable to feel all these emotions. But the important part is to not let the emotions win. You have to become stronger than your emotions. Accept and feel them for a little and then realize that feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to help you get better. Being strong and fighting is the only way you are going to figure out and heal your headache and body.

I was using my mediation app after a rough migraine attack. They used a Sanskrit word in the session, which is is exactly what I needed to hear to help me get out of my funk. Mudita. Feeling unselfish joy and good fortune for others. When you let yourself accept the emotions of pain, jealously, sadness…it’s easy to not feel joy for others. Especially when you can’t feel this for your self. But this is what you need to do, or at least work on to pull yourself out of the rut and get back on track to positive thoughts and your own version of joy. This will help you continue to work on your journey which will only help you and healing your self.

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