What is being present to you?

First off what is being “present” ? More and more people are using this word, making this their goal, but what does it mean? This word I’m sure has a google definition, but it is whatever it means to you. To me being present is to give all of your mind and self to the current situation. Being mentally aware of your surroundings and simply being joyful for what life presents you.

This can be hard for us to do in our busy lifestyles. We were all raised to be thankful but we were also raised to get our lists and chores done. It’s hard to breathe some days when life hits you and the list gets longer. When you feel this overwhelmed feeling is when you need to pause and appreciate “the little things”. Something I blogged about a few blogs back, and doing so allowing yourself to be present.

Think of where you have the most stress in your day and how you can mold it into a positive by being present. If you feel stress at work (most of us), start with something small. First off, take that lunch break that you don’t get paid for. Do some breathe work, meditate, go outside, put on some essential oils and get off your phone. Read a book or journal. Enjoy your food instead of shoveling it in. A harder one to build up to, but is most important to me, is to eat alone. You are with these people all day, you need a break to be present and reconnect with yourself. It will help lower your stress of your work day and it allows you to just enjoy your time alone and b r e a t h e. If you are eating with coworkers, simply get off your phone, make eye contact to your colleagues and engage in a conversation that brings you away from work (meaning not gossiping about work or your annoying client/patient). We are all guilty of lunch time gossiping. At home start with a routine something small such as journaling, morning tea or meditation and work up to a bigger commitment such as hiking in nature daily.

In today’s rush we all think too much, seek too much, and forget about the joy of just being

Eckhart Tolle

For my pain sufferers, I know this is easier said than done. Turning off your mind while your right in the middle of your pain cycle can be hard. My mind is constantly going to that annoying noise, smell or trigger to my migraines. Putting me in a downward spiral and allowing my anxiety to surface, allowing the fear of the pain that is going to come enter. When you realize you are doing this, stop, turn off the hamster wheel in tour head and ACCEPT you cannot change or avoid every environment that has triggers. Personally, when I catch myself in this downward spiral or if I’m already suffering in pain at work I pause, and allow myself to be present. Look around at your day. What have you gotten done, look at the positives and just be thankful for your day so far. My pain is a huge part of my life, but it doesn’t control me. Some days it does, but it does not and will not control my life. I can control how I react.

If you know me personally you would never know how much pain I’m in. I mask it well until it’s too much for me to get through and am stuck on the couch with ice over my eyes. I’m not saying ignore the pain. Ignoring it was a bad mistake I did for years. Accept that you are in pain but you are in control of your mind, and let it know you are boss. But more importantly not letting it ruin every day of your life. Enjoy being present and what it in front of you, instead of retreating and sorrowing in pain.

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