The importance of the “small things”

I am not sure if it’s my life in chronic pain or just me getting older, but the quote, “it’s the little things that matter most” couldn’t be more true. The annoying voice that gives me anxiety about don’t do that it could give you a headache, or for most people the voice is saying you need to do ______ fill in the blank before today is over. This voice needs to be put aside. I have my best days when I abandon that voice and just live and appreciate everything put in front of me. From a beautiful sunrise and being able to watch mother nature wake up, to someone simply holding the door for you or when something just goes right. These are the little things that make you pause and smile. The laundry can wait, even though it kills the OCD part of me, so can the dishes and so can the store trips.

Feeding your body, being clean, being mentally and physically in shape and present is what is important. The little things in life give us gratitude. And being grateful for the little things can change your outlook on life. Although a clean house and checking off a list for example sure gives us the feeling of gratitude, and seems very important, it’s not. The self caused stress of cleaning or getting the checklists done is not a priority. I’m guilty and still learning that it is important to do things on its own time, when you simply have the time, and not stressing about if it. If you have the time great, if not don’t stress out your body, your emotions and affect the others around you. Yes lists are good, but treat them as goals not requirements for the day.

Because being present and enjoying life allows you to be happier than a clean house and a checklist done can give you.