I always chose a whole food nutrient dense approach prior to supplementation. Your gut must be in a condition that allows for proper digestion and absorption for any supplement to work. I do use a few brands of supplements fairly often that you can get directly from the manufacturer from fullscript. The link gives you a 10% discount from my store.

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Quality is extremely important. Just as with your food you want to ensure you are nourishing your body the best as possible. I was guilty of buying everything off Amazon because it is cheaper and fast shipping. Unfortunately, proper handling of the supplement to the warehouse and to your door is extremely important as well as certification that it is the product directly from the manufacture. Many third parties replace supplements and have improper handling making it a useless vegetable capsule that could have toxic metal fillers or junk in them.

Below are some of my favorite supplement brands that I trust in quality, sourcing and results! If there is not a direct link you can order it from my fullscript account. *Remember, your gut must be in a place to absorb and digest prior to adding in certain supplements and you should always check with your doctor prior to any supplement.

Mineral, Thyroid and Adrenal Supplement Support:
Desiccated Liver made from Pasture Raised (Grass Fed) Cows for energy production and mineral support on a cellular level. This is great if you are not getting in organ meats weekly or pre or postnatal.
Perfect Acerola Powder an organic, Vitamin C superfood for immune and gut healing support
– Jigsaw Adrenal Cocktail
– Seeking Health Trace Minerals
– Magnesium: my favorite mineral supplement The highest quality and absorbable magnesium on the market is by from Mitigate Stress use CHRONICALLY10 for a discount

Gut Healing Support:
– Microbiome Labs Probiotic and Prebiotic
– Wise woman’s bitters for digestion support
Akkermansia probiotics by Pendulum is my favorite, especially those with blood sugar issues. This is a probiotic found in over 1,000 published articles on improving gut health. Get 30% off your subscription with the code: GoZink30.

All of the above supplements have the reasons why I love them. I chose very high quality sourcing and one brand is not equal to another. For example, the reason I love Perfect Supplements: They are Dairy Free, Gluten Free & Soy Free. And most importantly Glyphosate Free and tested by a third party. They have great customer service with a 100% money back guarantee. Here are some of my favorite products they make:
Hydrolyzed Collagen is something I think everyone should benefit from. It adds in protein to your diet while it helps with skin health, joint health, inflammation, metabolism and brain function! To me it is a superfood (this is why bone broth is so nutritious!)

Don’t be cheap here but don’t buy every supplement either. I will help you find the best quality supplement without you having to take a bunch if we work 1:1. I always practice whole food nutrition first while being in the mindset less is more for supplementation. But everyone ALWAYS asks, so I hope you enjoyed my list!