Recipe Links

Here are some of my go to recipes! I make them all Dairy Free, Egg Free, Refined sugar and Gluten free based on my dietary needs. I do so by subbing the below:

  • I sub flax seeds for eggs in baking. 1 TBSP of flax seed to 2 TBSP of water per egg.
  • I use coconut shortening or avocado oil instead of butter.
  • I use tiger nut flour (great for your gut) or another GF flour without added gums. I also like Cassava and Chickpea Flour.
  • I use coconut sugar, raw honey or maple sugar in place of refined sugar.

Here are some of my favorite recipes!

  • For easy plant based recipes check out the conscientious eater!
  • The Dizzy Cook provides a low histamine and tyramine diet, as discussed in “Heal Your Headache” by Doctor David Buchholz. I use her cookbook weekly! Not all of them are on her blog but my favorites are the Moroccan Meatballs and her Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie
  • These Cacao Brownies are my “healthy” guilty pleasure. I substitute with the above recommendations to make them DF/GF/egg free!
  • For allergy friendly recipes check out this blog! She makes yummy desserts.